Agent Nateur

Agent Nateur 深信美容應該是一種讓皮膚煥然一新的奢華體驗。為確保產品的安全性和效用,品牌採用從歐洲各地搜集經過臨床測試的抗老活性成分,致力實現配方最高的品質和功效。團隊一直抱持著簡單而嚴謹的理念:使用可食用的健康、無害、有機成分,打造別緻而有效的抗衰老天然美容產品。品牌產品均採用非轉基因食品級成分製成,即使是最敏感的皮膚也能安心使用。

At Agent Nateur, we believe that our beauty regimens should be a luxurious experience that renews the skin. With a focus on quality and efficacy, all of our skincare is made with youth-illuminating European active ingredients that have been clinically tested, ensuring their safety and potency. The AGENT NATEUR philosophy is simple: Create chic and effective natural beauty products that are anti aging with healthy, clean, organic ingredients that you can EAT. Agent Nateur products are created with non-gmo, food-grade ingredients for even the most sensitive skin.