May Lindstrom Skin

美國有機護膚界龍頭品牌 May Lindstrom Skin 多年來一直堅持選用天然原材料,揉合純正植物油、礦物和草本的力量,以全人手新鮮製造一系列產品為用家提供極緻美肌體驗,恢復與皮膚的親密聯繫。品牌希望用家能親手為護膚過程注入儀式感,不單讓肌膚得到有效照料,同時身心亦可享有放鬆療癒的片刻,this moment is yours.

May Lindstrom Skin was born from an intention to restore connection to your skin while igniting recognition of your unique beauty. We are here to encourage you to discover the sacredness within your cleansing ritual—the magic of your own touch, magnified by the potency of pure plant oils, minerals, and herbs. Our mission is to provide a catalyst for a conscious time-out, while also delivering unparalleled personal service and measurable results.