Siam S.E.A.S

Supadra 從小就認識到古老草藥的神奇功效。透過創立 Siam S.E.A.S,她希望利用植物自身的功效以及經現代研究支持的活性成分,向世界分享蘊藏著東南亞百年智慧的神奇配方,為用家肌膚和心靈打下健康基礎。

Having grown up in Thailand, submerged in a culture founded upon herbs and minerals to heal, Supadra harnessed the potency of these ancient botanicals in her products and combined them synergistically to raise efficacy, and with modern research-backed actives, to create unparalleled formulas — holding within it centuries of ancient wisdom. It is Supadra’s mission to uplift and inspire through Siam SEAS, creating a healthy foundation for your well-being and glowing skin. Your beauty ritual is a ceremony of your individuality — heal your skin, enrich your mind and feed your soul.