arbū cosmetics

arbū 來自「玫瑰皇國」之稱的保加利亞,憑著種植玫瑰油的地理優勢和以玫瑰油護膚的千年傳統,品牌以大馬士革玫瑰油作為產品配方的主要成分,研發出一系列純淨無害的護膚產品。除此之外,團隊更以科學創造出統一的護膚概念:BHS5 (Bio Hacking System),從身體內部到肌膚外觀著手,減緩及逆轉皮膚的衰老過程。

arbū comes from Bulgaria, a small country with ancient history and a millennia-old tradition of growing and using rose oil in skincare. The Bulgarian Rose Damascena oil gave us a solid foundation to build on and became the main component of our formulations’ DNA. We create not just super pure products but a unified concept for skincare routine. Our biohacking system, called BHS5, is a scientifically grounded transformation that starts from inside body and reflects on the skin’s exterior look, focusing on slowing down and reversing of the skin’s aging processes.