每一支、每一滴 UMA Oils 均承傳了八百年印度藥學傳統智慧、現代精準科學及代代相傳的愛。過百年來,UMA 大宅種植及製作出世界級優質有機植物油,被印度皇室鍾愛,是印度歷史上公主與皇后不可或缺的美容護膚品。直至現在,UMA 亦為世界頂尖美容品牌 TOM FORD 及 Estée Lauder 等提供製作護膚品的原材料。創辦人決意將家族秘方發揚光大,以親姨姨為名,成立 UMA 為現代女性提供至奢華的護膚體驗。

Every bottle of UMA is the culmination of rich tradition, powerful science, and above all, love. For centuries, the Uma estate has farmed and crafted the world’s finest organic oils, securing the coveted role of trusted supplier to the world’s most prestigious beauty brands – ranging from Tom Ford to Estée Lauder. Beloved by royalty, our potent (and secret) formulas have long adorned the beauty regiments of princesses and queens, and deliver the same profound effects today.