Henné 在瑞典語中表示 "her",代表著品牌對於每位獨特女性的讚頌。 品牌以簡約北歐風為設計靈感,致力提供高效的有機天然美容產品,同時絕不犧牲美學堅持,讓用家體驗大自然生態奢華之美,煥發健康迷人的氣色光澤。

Henné means "her" in Swedish and is a celebration of women and the beauty of our uniqueness as well as our common stories. With Henné, the vision is simple: highly effective organic and natural beauty products without sacrificing aesthetics. True ecoluxury beauty. We created Henné Organics to give you the most natural and effective beauty with impeccable Scandinavian design. Experience your healthiest, most radiant skin and lips yet.