Siam S.E.A.S SEAS Elements Beauty Balm 古法美顏修復霜

- 30ml


Siam SEAS 古法美顏修復霜主要以四款東南亞祖傳植物性成份為依歸,配合茉莉花香作點綴,針對暗瘡性及紅腫發炎性肌膚進行晚間修護消炎,同時保濕及重整肌膚彈性。創辦人在調配古傳美顏修復霜時以油性及敏感性肌膚用家為目標對象,經過悉心調較後修復霜質地潤而不膩,能快速滲透肌底,用家絕對無需擔心阻塞毛孔問題。

“Evens skintone.  Boosts collagen.  Preserves skin youth.”

A green, forest-like color balm with the sweet scent of jasmine flower envelopes your skin with healing passion. Luxuriously melts with the touch of your fingertips to a flawless fluid that is readily absorbed within the skin.

Formulated with four powerhouse Southeast Asian botanicals used by the ancestors to provide relief for stressed acne prone inflamed skin while replenishing hydration, reactivating skin elasticity, boosting collagen synthesis and regenerating skin cells to create a natural glow.

The SEAS Element Beauty Balm is thoughtfully and carefully formulated with reactive, easily congested skin in mind and is made to heal your skin while allowing it to glow beautifully and healthily without clogging your pores.

  • 1/ 完成潔膚程序後以乾爽手指取出橘橙籽大小份量的美顏修復霜

    After your cleansing ritual. With dry finger scoop an orange seed size dollop out of the jar

    2/ 均勻地按摩於潔淨而帶點濕潤的面部

    Massage onto a clean, damp or wet skin.


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