Agent Nateur HOLI (SEX) Intimate Oil 性愛大師呵護油

- 30ml

您有否曾經想過您正在使用的身體護膚產品可能會對私密部位造成刺激?Holi Sex Oil 正好能解決這問題。不論有沒有伴侶,我們每個都值得被呵護。然而,有些更年期女士會有「乾燥」的情況出現,因為隨着年齡增長,我們的性荷爾蒙會自然減少,但除了性荷爾蒙,還有些因素或會引致「乾燥」,例如洗衣粉、某些藥物、腸漏症、壓力等。

這快速吸收的身體護膚油(伴有濃厚有機椰子和甜杏仁油香味),絕對會是取代坊間的化學護膚油的不二之選。Sex Oil不局限於在私密部位使用,而是全身都可以使用,為您留下持久的茉莉、椰子、玫瑰和雲呢拿香味。

How often do you step out of a luxurious bath or shower, apply body oil or lotion, and pause wondering if its safe to use on your intimate area? Holi (sex) solves this problem and a slew of others, too. We all deserve pleasure, whether with or without a partner. But postmenopausal women report concerns with dryness. And as we age, our sex hormones, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and DHEA, naturally decline. But hormones arent the only reason behind vaginal dryness. Detergents, certain medications (steroids and antibiotics, for example), leaky gut, and stress can all contribute. This oil-based, quick-absorbing formula (think organic coconut and sweet almond oil) is our solution to the chemical-filled lubricants on the market. But holi (sex) is not just for your intimate area. Use it all over to hydrate the body and leave behind a lingering scent of jasmine, coconut, rose, and vanilla.

  • 洗完澡後,在私密部位塗抹,刺激天然分泌。小貼士:作為自我呵護,在夜晚外出前塗抹,可以增加魅力和自信。

    Apply to intimate areas post-shower for comfort and to enhance your natural lubrication sans irritation.

    Jena’s Notes: A form of self-care, apply before a night out to encourage sensual stimuli. I created this special oil as an extra step in your self-care routine. That word might be a bit played out, but when I apply our body oil, it DOES feel like I’m caring for my body because the oil feels so good. However, I wouldn’t put on a body oil that’s created for tightening and cellulite on my intimate parts. Nor do I want to put an irritating fragrance down there. Essentially, this oil solves that problem.

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