TWELVE BEAUTY Hyaluroil Lip Treatment 琉璃豐唇精華

- 10ml


為乾燥、疼痛和敏感雙唇提供的終極修復!手工調配的100% 天然唇油,內含包裹式透明質酸,能使雙唇飽滿柔軟,並深度滋潤。使用最微小的透明質酸分子,確保能滲透至肌膚上層,從而發揮最佳功效。

Intensive therapy for dry lips

This 100% natural oil delivers the ultimate remedy for dehydrated, sore and sensitive lips. This handmade mixture of regenerating oils is infused with encapsulated hyaluronic acid, leaving lips plumped, supple and deeply moisturised. Using the smallest hyaluronic acid molecules ensures penetration into the upper layers of the skin for optimal efficiency.

  • 每4小時或需要時用。



    Apply every 4 hours or any time lips need rejuvenation. Fabulous as a primer; keeps lips moisturised without causing lipstick to slip. Add to your night-time skincare regimen for luscious morning lips.

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