Cottium 是於香港本地創立的優質潔面巾品牌,團隊以 “cotton” 和 “premium” 命名,以 100% 天然的純棉和抗菌棉代替合成纖維,製作出溫和不致敏的多用途潔面巾,為用家帶來最舒服,健康和環保的生活方式。

Cottium is a premium facial tissue brand born in Hong Kong, 2019. Taking its name from the word “cotton” and “premium”. We at Cottium pride ourselves in delivering 100% pure and antibacterial cotton to severe as daily goods, and was dedicated to the application and development of cotton fibre – to replace woven with non-woven, and synthetic fibre with cotton fibre. Our pure plant-based skin essentials are 100% natural, gentle and non-allergenic to keep our users comfy and fuss-free all day.