Kypris Beauty Elixir II: Balancing Flowers 百花仙子平衡油 (BE2)

- 47ml / 1.58oz



Kypris 護膚油系列 2 號:百花仙子平衡油主力改善水油平衡,讓膚色不均以至受紫外線侵害的肌膚回復柔軟明亮。配方富含多種活性成分,包括與生物細胞相同的抗氧化劑輔酶 Q10 左旋維他命C及一系列可持續植物精華,配合精選花香芳療 (印度茉莉、玫瑰天竺葵、陳年廣藿香和甜薰衣草),有效舒緩油肌、敏感肌常見的不穩膚況。

For flower lovers....

Beauty Elixir II: Balancing Flowers is a balancing, multi active beauty oil. Bio-identical CoQ10, Vitamin C Ester, sustainably sourced botanicals, & soothing aromatherapy diminish the appearance of imbalance and sun over-exposure for soft, luminous skin.

Made for flower lovers with untroubled, oily, combination, or sun-overexposed complexions. 

  • 早晚潔淨肌膚後,以 2 - 5 滴百花仙子平衡油於面上輕輕按摩。可隨個人喜好混合 Kypris Facial Serum 水份精華使用,以達至最佳效果。只供外用。

    As you anoint your skin with 2 to 5 drops of Beauty Elixir morning and night, offer yourself an honest compliment. For best results, apply Beauty Elixir AM & PM in combination with your favorite KYPRIS serums. For external use only.

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