GRESSA MINIMALIST Corrective Serum Foundation 完美修護精華粉底液

- 15ml

GRESSA 融合天然有機護膚與彩妝,以革命性的西蘭花籽油作基础取代化學矽膠,使粉底液與肌膚融為一體,加上其極高遮瑕度配方,輕鬆締造絲滑粉嫩膚質,長期使用不單無需擔心化妝品令皮膚質素惡化,當中的 GRESSA Healing Complex專利更能為肌膚提供多款草本營養及維他命,是每位必備的護膚與彩妝二合一產品!

It’s a serum. It’s a foundation. It’s a multivitamin for your face. Perfect your face with long-term benefits of this revolutionary serum to powder foundation. GRESSA Healing ComplexTM is a proprietary powerhouse blend of carefully selected botanical extracts that care for your skin by providing it with overall balance, radiance and clarity. Minerals provide a tone-correcting coverage natural finish.


01 - 透白陶瓷肌 帶微黃色基調(適合白皙膚色)
Warm Porcelain, pale shade with subtle yellows

1.5 - 亮白色帶暖色基調(適合自然膚色)
Fair - Light, Warm undertone

02 - 亮白色帶粉紅基調(適合自然膚色)
Fair - Light, pink undertone

2.5 - 淺色系帶自然粉紅基調(適合白皙偏粉膚色)
Light - Neutral undertone

2.75 - 自然粉紅基調(適合自然-小麥膚色)
Light with pink undertones

03 - 淺中系帶微黃基調(適合小麥膚色)
Light Medium, yellow undertone

3.25 - 淺中系帶蜜桃基調(適合小麥偏粉膚色)
Light medium with peachy undertones

3.5 - 淺中系帶微褐橄欖基調(適合小麥-古銅膚色)
Light Medium - Tan, warm olive undertone

04 - 中色系帶金黃基調(適合古銅膚色)
Medium, golden yellow undertone

05 - 中色系帶自然基調(適合古銅膚色)
Medium - Tan, neutral undertone


  • 1/ 用前請先搖匀確保精華與礦物彩妝二合為一

    Shake well to ensure a perfect mix.

    2/ 每次只需將 1-3 滴精華粉底液放在手心

    Drop 1-3 drops in the palm of your hand.

    3/ 迅速均勻地將精華粉底液塗抹在面上

    Rapidly spread the serum foundation out concentrating on areas where most imperfections are found.


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