GRESSA Eye Tint 有機草本魅力眼影

- 5ml


Organic make with extraordinary performance Gressa Eye Tint is an innovative 100% Vegan formula that transforms from cream to velvet, instantly enveloping the eyelid and providing fault-proof and smudge-free wear. Versatile and buildable, can be worn as an eyeliner or eyeshadow.

  • 1/ 因應色號能當作全面眼影、下眼影或光影粉

    Depending on the shade, use as an all over lid shade, as a lower lid shade or as a highlighter.

    2/ 指尖能提供更透薄效果

    For more sheer application, use fingertips.

    3/ 使用透明蜜粉能令眼妝更持久

    For longer wear set with a transparent powder.


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