UMA Pure Bliss Wellness Candle 幸福心靈香薰蠟燭 (檀香玫瑰)

UMA 幸福心靈香薰蠟燭優雅脫俗的香氣能保持身心平衡,喚醒並提昇感官能量,為周遭環境營造和諧靜謐的氛圍,引領內心平靜。

This candle's transcendent aroma brings balance to the mind and the home, boosting overall well-being and positivity. Promote mind-body balance, internal calm, and harmony with your surroundings with this luxuriously-crafted wellness candle.

  • 特別適用於:

    正能量 自信 平衡


    Positivity Confidence Balance

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