Ranavat Botanics Fortifying Hair Serum: Mighty Majesty 女皇陛下髮尾油

- 50ml

強化、閃耀動人。用奢華的油脂混合你的頭髮和身體,展現出柔軟而堅固的拋光感。強效維生素和礦物質可舒緩乾燥肌膚並深層滋養頭皮。維生素 E和 C可以保護每根髮根恢復健康,鎖住水分並防止破損,露出美麗光澤的頭髮。

Game-changing.  Strengthening.  Shine-inducing. Cocoon your hair and body in a luxurious blend of oils to reveal polished locks that are as soft as they are strong. Powerful vitamins and minerals soothe dryness and deeply nourish the scalp. Vitamins E and C nurse each strand back to health, locking in moisture and fighting breakage to unveil beautifully lustrous hair fit for a crown.

  • - 頭髮:在手掌上滴幾滴,然後在濕潤或乾燥的頭髮上塗抹。為了獲得最佳的效果,可使用更多份量按摩頭皮並靜置過夜,在第二天早上用您的洗髮水輕輕洗淨。
    Hair: For daily use, apply a few drops into the palm of your hand and smooth through wet or dry hair to tame frizz and flayaways. For maximum strength, shine and health, use a generous amount and massage it into your scalp. Leave in overnight and gently wash with your favorite shampoo the next morning.

    - 身體:適合柔軟和滋潤的肌膚,全身光滑,可每日使用。淋浴後塗在潮濕的皮膚上,能更有效地保濕。
    Body: For soft and hydrated skin, smooth all over body and apply daily. Maximize the hydration by applying on damp skin after your shower.

    - 沐浴:只需加入一湯匙的Mighty Majesty放進溫水中沐浴,能將乾燥的皮層融化,讓浴室改造成芬芳的秘密花園。
    Bath: Simply add one tablespoon of Mighty Majesty to warm bathwater and transform your bathroom to a fragrant secret garden as dry skin is melted away.


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