HENNÉ ORGANICS - Luxury Lip Balm 尊貴有機護唇霜

- 10ml / 0.35 FL OZ

每一天就讓 HENNÉ ORGANICS 100%天然的有機護唇霜滋潤您的雙唇吧!榮獲美國 USDA 有機驗證,HENNÉ ORGANICS 尊貴有機護唇霜透過有機乳木果脂、牛油果油及可可脂等帶給您長效滋潤,其不含任何香料及精油配方更照料到敏感咀唇的需要,以最上乘的原材料讓您的雙唇告別乾燥!

Experience luxury every day with our 100% natural and moisturizing organic lip balm. We've carefully chosen the most nourishing and sumptuous ingredients, ensuring that only the very best touches your lips.

  • 1/ 將適量護唇霜均勻塗抹在雙唇上

    Apply liberally on the lips for maximum benefits

    2/ 亦可使用在身體其他感到乾燥的地方

    Also suitable for use on dry areas such as hands, elbows, heels and  anywhere else that requires moisturization


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