HENNÉ ORGANICS - Lip Serum 24K 鍍金唇部精華

- 10ml

我們往往只注重面部護理而缺略唇部的護理,導致在上妝時容易顯現唇紋,或因氧化而出現龜裂。 HENNÉ ORGANICS 24K 鍍金唇部精華蘊含多種抗氧化的有機植物油,包括極罕見的極地雲莓籽油、越橘籽油、玫瑰果油、山茶花等精油,每種精油具極強的抗氧化功效及皮膚需要的脂肪酸。這支唇部精華同時可滋潤嘴唇,促進膠原蛋白再生,有助撫平嘴唇的唇紋。而最特別之處是它以24K鍍金​​滾珠設計,為你軟軟的雙唇帶來額外的抗菌緊緻功效!

Organic lip care is about to get amplified. The Henné Lip Serum is comprised of an incredible blend of time-defying oils. From the ultra rare Arctic Cloudberry Seed Oil and Lingonberry Seed Oil to anti-aging powerhouse oils like Rosehip, Camellia and Argan, each ingredient is brimming with antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These highly potent ingredients help nourish and smoothen lips, promote collagen production, and help bolster the lips' protective barrier. Encased in a stunning glass bottle with a 24K gold plated rollerball, the Lip Serum is as effective as it is exquisite.

  • 1/ 使用前輕輕搖動瓶子
    Gently shake bottle prior to use

    2/ 在嘴唇上塗抹兩到三層
    Apply two to three layers onto the lips

    3/ 等待幾分鐘讓

    Wait a few minutes for the serum to dry before using other lip products

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