HAAN Hand Soap 天然蘆薈潔手液

- 350ml

讓日常洗手程序瞬間充滿意義!HAAN 天然蘆薈潔手液使用可補充設計,環保耐用,把可持續性帶進你的浴室。以蘆薈及可可椰子作為主要成份,HAAN 潔手液兼具清潔保濕功能,讓雙手得到最天然的滋潤呵護。

Transform your daily hand cleanse into a moment full of meaning! Our delightfully durable, radically refillable hand soap adds a splash of sustainability to your sink while cleaning and hydrating your hands thanks to our natural formula with Aloe Vera and Coco Nucifera.

  • 泵取少量於濕手上, 用清水搓揉後沖洗。 僅限外用,避免接觸眼睛。

    Dispense a small amount onto wet hands. Rub and rinse with water. External use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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