HAAN Hand Sanitizer Pocket Refill 蘆薈消毒潔手噴霧補充裝 (Blossom Elixir)

- 100ml (3 x Pocket)

支持更環保的生活概念!選購蘆薈消毒潔手噴霧補充裝可減少 89% 塑膠製造!

A sustainable option to reduce up to 89% of plastic: our Refill pouch. 

可愛又迷人的便攜式消毒潔手噴霧將會成為您每日的必需品!HAAN 創新的潔手噴霧經德國實驗室測試能有效消滅 99.99% 細菌病毒,而團隊更用上天然蘆薈汁,消毒同時呵護雙手!HAAN 作為 100% 無動物測試品牌,用上99.5% 天然成份,每一支噴霧都可循環再用!

Blossom Elixir 系列有 5 款清新、治癒的花香味選擇,為您繁忙的都市生活帶來自然氣息!

Keep your hands clean and moisturized with our HAAN Pocket, a fast-acting spray that kills 99.99% viruses and bacteria on your skin with a unique formula with aloe vera. Conscious: 100% cruelty-free, 99.5% natural ingredients, recycled and recyclable packaging and non-single use format! Every HAAN sanitizer is inspired by unforgettable scents to spice up your day!

    • 1. 除去蓋子 Remove the cap.

      2. 剪掉袋口約 1mm Cut 1 mm off the top.

      3. 取掉噴霧瓶蓋 Lift the top.

      4. 打開孔口 Open the aperture.

      5. 將補充裝倒進瓶中 Refill the bottle.

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