AYUNA Essence 豆乳雪糕煥膚面膜

- 15ml / 80ml

如綿花糖般的質地,AYUNA 豆乳雪糕煥膚面膜在一次使用時便能滿足您三個願望:磨砂、軟化及滋潤至敏感性肌膚!第一重~進行以胺基酸為基礎的蛋白性磨砂,能溫和地去除死皮及角質層;第二重~當蛋白磨砂忌廉稍微乾卻時直接磨走臉上絕無硬性穀物的面膜,能即時溫和地軟化皮膚;第三重~在面膜被完全磨走後,您會發現臉上有一層透光感的有機橄欖精華即時為肌膚進行滋潤保護!完成AYUNA 豆乳雪糕煥膚面膜後,面部從此不再暗淡無光,重現更健康、更飽滿的潤澤肌!

An incredibly lavish cream texture that works in three phases: First as a proteic exfoliant, based in Alpha-amino acids (Aspartic and Glutamic acids), that releases potent renewing benefits when it comes in contact with the skin. Next, a gentle, grain-free gommage quickly and effectively polishes and rejuvenates the skin’s appearance. Lastly, the formula transforms into an oleo-essence finish that leaves the skin remarkably soft to the touch. The skin’s surface is refined, providing a visibly brighter, more even complexion.

  • 1/ 每星期一至兩次

    Use once or twice weekly

    2/ 均勻地將厚厚的一層AYUNA 豆乳雪糕煥膚面膜塗抹在臉上及頸胸位置

    Apply a thick, uniform layer over the face, neck and décolletage.

    3/ 等待數分鐘後直接將面膜從臉上捽走

    Allow to act for several minutes, then buff the skin by gently swiping your hands over the skin and rolling the product away.

    4/ 如有多餘面膜留在臉上請用清水輕輕將之拭走

    Rinse any excess and dry.

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