14e Cosmetics Lip Sheen 天然光感唇彩

- 3.5g


A gorgeous, lightly pigmented lip treatment that leaves lips supple with a subtle sheen. Packed with lip loving ingredients and a touch of peppermint to invigorate and plump your pout. Swipe over lips a few times to warm up waxes and oils.


Clarity - 透明無色,滋潤雙唇並帶來細致光澤
Transparent shade with all lip lovin’ benefits and a subtle shine.

Petal - 乾燥玫瑰粉紅,容易搭配任何膚色及裝扮
A dusty rose neutral pink that’s super easy to wear.

Sumac - 火焰橙紅,無敵顯白,氣場十足
Fiery red, sure to make a statement.

Bayberry - 成熟漿果酒紅,讓您散發出自信優雅
A berry shade that exudes elegance and confidence.


  • 1/ 塗上一層作淡淡唇彩或多塗上幾層得到更強烈妝感效果

    Apply one layer for a sheer hint of color or add more layers for a stronger tint.

    2/ 適要時隨時補上

    Reapply when needed.

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