AYUNA Cream III 神奇忌廉 (昇華)

- 15ml / 50ml

最新版本Cream lll 面霜含有高百分比的有機活性成分(49%),當中富含純素成份 - 薑黃中的等離子細胞因子,令皮膚持續年輕和保持心情愉悅。這亦是行業內第一個品牌使用從大麻幹細胞提取的生物技術,有效明顯改善表情細紋,提昇膚質,喚醒肌膚的自然修復和再生機能。

A supreme emulsion that promotes longevity, manages hydration, diminishes emotional wrinkles, lifts your mood, providing the skin with a flawless appearance. Its vegan and prebiotic composition is based on Plasma Rich in Cell Factors from Turmeric, and a biotechnological cocktail of Terpenes and Micro-lipids obtained from Cannabis stem cells that visibly improve the quality of the skin.

  • 濃稠忌廉質地會輕易在您的指尖上推開,並於塗抹時完美融化到皮膚並迅速滲透。


    建議以‘I LOVE YOU’方式按摩,先用雙手搓熱Cream lll,由下巴至眉心,再返回下巴,順著臉部輪廓以心形循環按摩臉部。您亦可用雙手以’U’ 形方式從兩邊耳垂輕輕地推至頸胸及鎖骨位置。

    Dense texture transforms on your fingertips and melts perfectly into the skin when applied, quickly penetrating.

    Apply daily - morning and/or night - onto cleansed skin. Using your fingertips, gently massage onto the face, neck and décolleté, including the eye contour while performing a light I LOVE YOU massage until completely absorbed.

    Using both hands, draw the shape of a heart while smoothing your facial features. Descend towards the neck and follow the facial contour line towards the chin. For the neck and décolleté, gently run hands from each earlobe towards the opposite collarbone, drawing a U-shape.

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