UMA Deeply Clarifying Face Oil 深層潔淨護膚油

- 30 ml

創辦人的姨姨因為籌備婚禮而變得極度緊張,情緒為她帶來滿面嚴重的暗瘡,身為阿育吠陀草本治療師的祖母為治療她女兒的嚴重突發性暗瘡肌膚,親手調配出以葡萄籽油及丁香油為基調的護膚油針對應付她的暗瘡,讓女兒能夠在婚禮前回復健康美麗的肌膚!UMA創辦人 Shrankhla 與大眾分享此家族秘方,以姨姨之名創立品牌,推出 UMA 深層潔淨護膚油,讓大眾體驗保濕同時消炎的極透薄護膚油!以葡萄籽油作為基調,秘方透過丁香精油淨化肌膚,適量的茶樹油以加快消炎,配合上乘薰衣草及鼠尾草油平衡油脂分泌,同時保護暗瘡性肌膚避免患處受過度刺激!

When our founder’s great aunt was a young bride-to-be in rural India, pre-wedding anxiety sent her skin into a frenzy weeks before the big ceremony. Seeing her daughter’s frustration, her mother – an avid botanist, with a deep understanding of Ayurvedic scripture – formulated a powerful botanical blend incorporating clove and grape seed oils, specifically to treat her blemishes.This gentle yet high-impact formula balances and moisturizes as it combats impurities and bacteria in acne-prone skin.

  • 1/ 每天早上及晚上完成潔面程序後,將2-3滴深層潔淨護膚油均勻塗抹手心

    Every morning and evening after your cleansing routine, massage 2-3 drops between your palms

    2/ 然後以打圈方式按壓於面部以及頸胸

    and gently pat your face, in firm circular motion all over your face, neck and decolletage

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