SIAM S.E.A.S YEN Heal and Hydrate Essence Toner 蘆薈抗痘精露

- 50ml

「清新.重整.保護」,以純淨天然蘆薈及27種草本萃取精華精心調配而成,Siam S.E.A.S YEN 蘆薈抗痘精露噴霧能即時為肌膚解渴,強效草本醫藥成份則能鎮靜肌膚,配合氨基酸及聚糖能促進肌膚細胞再生,讓肌膚回復彈性,尤其在潔臉後為特別敏感的臉部提供一層舒適的保護罩!YEN 精露噴霧是多元化的保濕產品,除了可當作爽膚水外,其微精華狀質地更能充當日用清爽保濕霜,是油性及暗瘡性肌膚最全效的產品!

' Refresh. Reset. Protect. ' The combination of organic whole plant Aloe Vera and cooling botanical water will quench your skin’s thirst for hydration and provide refreshment to parched skin. Twenty-Seven botanical extracts are entwined in the synergistic foundation to infuse skin cells with healing actives and powerful antioxidants. Amino acid-filled protein and polysaccharides work to retain your skin’s moisture, encouraging skin elasticity while providing a transparent layer of protection allowing cells to repair and renew.

Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner helps reset skin balance after cleansing, preventing further damage of the skin barrier. It is formulated with a delivery system that effectively prepares the skin for maximum nutrient absorption during the moisturizing step. The all in one hydration boost toner and light moisturizer is also a perfect pick me up during the day for the beautiful natural glow.

  • 1/ 在保濕面霜或護膚油前噴 2-3 下YEN 精露噴霧於已清潔的臉部,然後用按壓方式將保濕護膚品按摩在臉上。

Mist 2- 3 pumps onto cleansed skin before moisturizing step. Using the push and press technique to apply your moisturizers on the skin afterward.

    2/ 可噴2-3 下YEN 精露噴霧於 MEKHA 香茅深層潔淨軟膏或薑黃淨化草本面膜粉中混和,能大大提升面膜及潔臉功效。

    Mix 2-3 pumps with Mekha cleanser and/or purifying herbal mask to enhance with the delivery of nutrients and actives in your mask treatment.

    3/ 化妝後噴2-3 下YEN 精露噴霧於臉上能為肌膚及妝容帶來光澤感,能全日任何時間使用清爽臉部。

    Mist 2-3 pumps over makeup to refresh your skin and induce a dewy glow. This can be done throughout the day for a hydration boost.


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