Siam S.E.A.S SAI Clear Skin Serum 煅石膏淡印精華

- 20ml

SAI 煅石膏淡印精華是一瓶集合了超過 50種草本植物的強效抗氧精華,結合了穩定性強的維他命C和通過科學驗證的活性成分,為您肌膚添上一層保護屏障,達至緊致、自然光澤的效果。它含有機植物萃取,能撫平肌膚、舒緩炎症、淡化黑色素和均勻膚色。最特別之處是它含有微細煅石膏粉末,對細胞重生、傷口癒合極為有效,在傳統中藥裡更是專門用來對付濕疹傷口等。配合另外3種草本萃取,SAI 能提供冰涼效果,為肌膚退熱,從而舒緩炎症、暗瘡和損傷,包括:銀屑病、皮疹、濕疹等。

Sai is a powerhouse antioxidant serum that synergistically combines a stable form of vitamin C and science-proven actives to create a second skin-like protective layer providing a firming appearance and natural glow.  It uses organic plant extracts’ energies to smoothen skin texture, soothe lesions and redness, brighten dark spots and even skin tone.Sai is supposed to be mildly grainy. The graininess/powderiness comes from Duan Shi Gao or Gypsum, It is great for tissue regeneration & wound healing, used in TCM in powdered form on burns, scalds, as well as for eczema.  I synergistically combined it with 3 other botanical extracts in Sai to create cooling effect,  reducing heat therefore impacting in the reduction of inflammation & acne, and lesions on the skin, like in conditions such as psoriasis, rash or eczema.

  • - 擠1-2泵份量至手芯,輕搓雙手激活精華,然後以向外和向上的方向塗至肌膚上。您會輕微感受到微細粉末,但這種感覺會隨按摩漸漸消失。


    So the best way to apply Sai, is to pump onto the palm of your hand, rub your palms together to activate & warm up the gypsum powder then apply it on to your face in slightly outward & upward direction. You will barely feel tiny particles like powder on skin. The powderiness then will dissipate as you apply Sai onto your skin but the gypsum is there, cooling & releasing moisture onto your skin.

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