Siam S.E.A.S Reservoir Prebiotic Skin Fortifying Mist 益生水庫防護噴霧

- 50ml

Siam S.E.A.S 益生水庫防護噴霧是一款 3 合 1 的多功能產品,除了日常保濕導入及增強面膜功效,它還可以在日常護理 / 化妝後作為最後步驟使用,保護肌膚保水屏障,像水庫般長時間留住水分,帶來水潤光澤!


Reservoir is a multi-functional facial mist that enhances and preserves the hydration within your cells while the prebiotic feeds the beneficial microbiome on your skin allowing it to multiply and thrive achieving a balanced state. When the microbiome is in harmony the skin orchestrates all of its natural functions in perfect synchrony to reach a healthy state in which it is plumper and smoother while having a stronger barrier and less sensitivity with better hydration retention.

Reservoir saturates the skin surface with cooling droplets of botanical waters like mint and chamomile, combined with synergistical adaptogen plant extracts to offer instant hydration and antioxidant protection. An infusion of copper and silver colloidal with propolis helps the skin’s elasticity, bacteria fighting mechanism and wound healing ability. This is great for acne. Combinations of vegan glucosamine and various molecule sized sugar are to hydrate the skin from the deepest layers to the outermost surface resulting in firmer and plumper appearance.

  • - 美國自家手製 Handmade in USA

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