Plume Science NOURISH & DEFINE BROW POMADE 濃密急急長眉膏

- 4g ( 附送 Plume 雙頭眉型掃乙支 )

Plume Science 100%天然及全素的濃密急急長眉膏薀含獨家獲獎毛髮精華配方,在勾畫眉型時同時深層滋潤眉毛,增進角蛋白再生,一款產品能做到刻畫、填補及滋潤三個功效!每款濃密急急長眉膏更配備一支「Plume 雙頭眉型掃」,助您輕鬆打理眉毛,以最自信的眉態示人!

Plume Science Nourish and Define Brow Pomade promotes the growth of your brows while adding definition and colour to your best feature. Our 100% natural, long-wearing formula has a three-part effect on the appearance of your brows: Sculpt, Full and Nourish.

  • 請使用「Plume 雙頭眉型掃」以達至最佳效果
    Plume Nourish & Define Brow Pomade is best applied with the Plume angled brow brush.

    1/ 點點:為確保均勻上色,將眉型掃點在眉膏上,先輕輕擦在樽口邊或皮膚上以去除多餘眉膏
    Dip: To ensure even application, dip brush into the pot and swipe against skin or inside of cap to remove excess.

    2/ 勾畫:輕輕將眉膏掃在眉毛上及刻畫出理想眉型- 切記少少眉膏便以足夠
    Apply: Apply to brows with the angled brow brush - a little goes a long way.

    3/ 塗抹:上色後,用眉掃的螺旋形邊端將顏色均勻塗抹在眉上Blend: After applying colour, use the spooley end to blend the colour into brows.

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