MV Skintherapy Aromatic Body Oil 香氛治療身體油




Why You'll Love It

Nourishing and beautifully aromatic, this luxurious body tonic works wonders for hydrating and toning the skin. Camellia and avocado oils enriched with thoughtfully chosen essential oils support elasticity and maintain supple skin. Safe for use during the last six months of pregnancy.

Created for

Daily skin nurturing, especially the 'stretchy ones' - like mums, bums, and tums.


20 drops per use = 120 uses

  • 洗澡後,當皮膚仍濕潤的同時,可毫不吝嗇地塗抹全身,並按摩以促進吸收。


    Immediately after showering, while the skin is still damp, slip generous amounts of this oil over your entire body, massaging to encourage absorption. For luxurious bathing, slide this oil over your body before stepping into a steamy blissful bath.

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