May Lindstrom Treatment Brush 魔杖

- 6.5 inch in length 

工欲善其事,必先利其器!要享受 May Lindstrom 護膚品的魔法力量,可選用這款美麗的「魔杖」將 Problem Solver 黑武士或 Clean Dirt 星塵攪拌成完美的慕絲質地。它採用純素天然的 Taklon 纖維,配備可回收的鋁製密封圈及堅固的天然木質手柄,絕對是高質的面部護理小刷子!

Crafted with vegan-friendly Taklon fibers, a recyclable aluminum ferrule, and a sturdy natural wood handle, this handsome brush is a must-have tool for effortlessly blending The Problem Solver and The Clean Dirt to their perfectly rich and luxurious mousse texture, making application a breeze.

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