May Lindstrom Skin The Pendulum Potion 女巫藥水

- 100 ml | 3.38 oz

試想像由第一重清潔開始將時間逆轉,尤如鐘擺一樣回到中心點,心靈與身體從接觸 May Lindstrom 的女巫藥水而從新出發及探索屬於自己的一刻,不單止是洗走外界的污染及束縛著自己的化妝品,更是抹去一整天的煩擾。

女巫藥水有著攝人的魔力,由有機瓊崖海棠油、有機夏威夷果仁油及 May 獨有的可可濃漿等精心調配而成,輕易拭走一切污染,軟化肌膚同時去除暗啞。由女巫藥水開始,潔面不止是單純、快速而過的護理步驟,而是找回找回屬如自己的享受。

What if your first cleanse plucked you out of the whirlwind of your day and planted you right into the Now? Often, we rush through our initial step, quickly wiping away makeup, sunscreen and the day’s pollutants with the most basic and purely functional of products before slowing down for any indulgence that follows.bWith The Pendulum Potion, this changes today. This moment is yours, from your first and most intentional touch.

  • 1/ 搖勻後,將 4-6 揼擠在手心中

    After shaking bottle, distribute 4-6 pumps into palms

    2/ 直接按壓在乾爽的臉上,之後沾濕雙手加以按摩

    Press into dry skin, then wet hands and gently massage

    3/ 以溫熱帶蒸氣的毛巾包裹著面部及頸部,輕輕向上拭走

    Follow by cocooning a warm, steamy face towel over face and neck, gently sweeping upwards

    4/ 以熱毛巾重覆步驟 3 直至完全潔淨

    Hold, rinse and repeat until skin is soft and cleansed

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