May Lindstrom Skin The Happy Galaxy 藍星河

- 200 ml 

The Happy Galaxy 藍星河採用品牌明星成份藍艾菊,配合李子核仁油、茉莉、柑橘、依蘭依蘭等成分,能為身體補充維他命B、維他命C、透明質酸等等養分。這枝有「身體版藍月光」之稱的護膚油能幫助改善乾燥、暗啞、細紋,更適用於濕疹敏感性肌膚,療癒的香味和顏色將讓你沐浴於溫柔星河,呵護身體每一肌膚。



  • 透明質酸有持續保濕力量,能軟化肌膚,提昇肌膚彈性
  • 結合維他命B  (又稱煙酰胺)及維他命C的天然能量, 保護肌膚免受環境毒素及自由基的侵害
  • 改善膚質、膚色不均、毛孔問題,修復經日曬後受損的肌膚屏障

    The Happy Galaxy is liquid joy. Formulated specifically for the body and dripping in bouncy, skin-loving nourishment and a plethora of vitamin actives and hero humectants, this plush, cerulean skin drink delights from head to toe.

    Indulge generously each day after bathing to:

    • draw in long-lasting hydration and increase elasticity with skin-softening hyaluronic acid.
    • harness the natural power of niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, along with vitamin C, to protect skin from environmental toxins and damaging free radicals.
    • improve texture, uneven skin tone, pore health, and support the skin's barrier in recovery from overexposure.
    • - 美國手製 Handmade in USA

      - 微生態友好 Microbiome-friendly

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