Kypris Cerulean 深海治癒水感面膜

- 46 ml / 1.55 oz



Kypris 深海治癒水感面膜薈萃海藻、裙帶菜、法國櫻花等 39 個活性成份,以濃縮配方為肌膚保濕提亮,深層鎮靜同時調理膚質。面膜另外加入 Peptides 肽和 SOD 超強抗氧化劑,經臨床科學證實有抗衰老作用,持續使用有效淡紋緊緻,令肌膚回復柔軟彈性!

面膜啫喱質感極易吸收,可單用或配合 Kypris Beauty Elixirs 護膚油使用,亦可當作睡眠面膜及曬後護理。

🌟 重點成分介紹 🌟






Ocean Alchemy...

Cerulean Soothing Hydration Recovery Mask is botanical succor for your senses and skin, your liminal envelope. Thalassic treasures soothe, soften, and hydrate skin's appearance with a collection of botanicals and functional ingredients evolved from Nature’s intelligent design. This mighty pot of blue is a hydration mask, a sleeping mask when combined with a Beauty Elixir, and an after sun treat to soothe the appearance of stress and dehydration.

  • 取約珍珠大小份量,敷在肌膚表面至少 20 分鐘,避開眼周位置。 為達至更佳效果,可用作睡眠面膜過夜使用;使用後以冷水沖洗乾淨。只供外用。

    Apply mask to face avoiding eye area. Leave on skin for 20 minutes or more. For amplified benefits, use as a sleeping mask overnight. Rinse with cool water. Use as often as you love. For external use only.

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