Grums 再生咖啡磨砂潔手液 Raw Coffee Hand Scrub + Wash


Grums 的再生咖啡磨砂潔手液使用回收的有機咖啡渣作原材料,配合其他天然成分,有效溫和同時滋潤地帶走手部乾燥及死皮,及可刺激血液循環,減少炎症和減慢手部衰老。


Grums Raw Coffee Hand Scrub is a 2in1 hand scrub and hand wash, with a blend of recycled coffee grounds and pure, natural ingredients. Vegan friendly.

∗ Buff away dry and dead skin cells.

∗ Stimulate blood circulation that decreases inflammations and visible signs of aging.

∗ Improve your skins ability to absorb lotion/cream.

∗ Neutralize bad smells.

∗ Wash and scrub off stubbern dirt.


  • 每週使用1-2次。洗手後使用(或可直接作為潔手液)或作為手部常規護理。用溫水沖洗乾淨後,不需額外使用肥皂,因為有可能會洗走當中的滋潤油份,令您手部變乾。

    Use 1-2 times a week. Apply after hand wash (or as a hand wash), or as a general treatment for your hands. Rinse thoroughly with temperate water. Avoid using soap afterwards, since this may remove the nourishing oils from the scrub and dry out your hands.

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