AYUNA Soap 琉璃苣手工滋潤皂

- 80g / 2.8 oz

由琉璃苣、橄欖及椰子油提煉而成,AYUNA 琉璃苣手工滋潤皂為所有肌性用家帶來極緻輕柔清潔體驗!此獨特配方加入活性碳為肌膚進行深層排毒,能引出藏在毛孔內惱人的污垢、毒素及過度的油脂分泌,回復肌膚最清新的狀態!

Obtained from Borage, Olive and Coconut oil, this artisanal bar provides an extra soft, creamy cleanse that is ideal for all skin types. The formula is enriched with botanical Activated Carbon to provide the skin with a deep detox: it absorbs (attracts and clings to) impurities, excess sebum and toxins. The skin feels soft, clean, and revitalized and looks radiant.

  • 1.日用清潔

    將AYUNA 琉璃苣手工滋潤皂加上水至起泡狀態,然後溫柔的在臉上及頸胸位置按摩,再用清水洗淨即可

    Mix with water until foamy. Gently massage over the face, neck and décolletage, focusing on areas of concern. Remove with water and dry.


    用密頭化妝掃及水將AYUNA 琉璃苣手工滋潤皂打圈打造成豐盈的潔面泡然後按摩於臉部,再以溫熱及濕潤的毛巾敷在臉上約5-10分鐘。在 T字部位再進行深層按摩再用溫水洗淨。

    Activate using a cosmetic brush and water to create a creamy foam, then massage onto the skin. Apply warm moist towels onto the skin for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, thoroughly cleanse the t-zone area without irritating the skin. Remove with warm water and dry.


    先濕透化妝綿,然後在AYUNA 琉璃苣手工滋潤皂上打圈讓化妝綿激活手工皂成份,變成潔淨水在臉上輕掃進行快速清潔。

    Use a wet cotton pad and circle on top of SOAP to use it as micella water for a quick cleanse.


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