AYUNA Balm 黑曜石排毒面膜

- 15ml / 80ml

還以為敏感及乾性肌膚便不能使用排毒面膜嗎?AYUNA 黑曜石排毒面膜蘊含珍貴的火山玻璃及活性炭,嶄新地以忌廉狀將以上兩款傳統公認為排毒首選的原材料結合檸檬水及有機橄欖油,大大減低肌膚敏感度,加上天然糖份「普魯蘭多糖」滋養及緊緻肌膚,能清除毛孔污垢同時保濕敏感肌,讓每一個毛孔重新呼吸,達到煥顏活膚效果!

The secret of this detoxifying mask, rich in Volcanic Glass and Active Carbon, is its texture. This highly gentle balm lessens skin sensitivity, draws out impurities, and leaves the skin feeling luscious. The presence of Pullulan, a natural sugar, in the formula creates a hydrating and tightening film and enhances the skin’s natural ability to protect itself.

  • 1/ 攪拌面膜

    Stir the product

    2/ 均勻將薄薄一層面膜塗抹在臉上及頸胸位置

    Apply a fine layer over the face, neck and décolletage.

    3/ 待 5-10 分鐘

    Allow to act for 5 to 10 minutes

    4/ 用大量清水將面膜乳化及打圈按摩

    Emulsify by adding plenty of water and using gentle circular movements over the skin

    5/ 以溫熱及濕透的面部海綿拭去面

    Remove using warm, moist facial sponges.

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