arbū blāck The Serum 臻黑賦活緊緻精華油

-  30 ml

arbū 首枝緊緻提拉精華油以富脂肪酸、親膚性極高的夏威夷堅果油作為基底,配合多種珍貴植物油及萃取,當中的抗氧化劑補骨脂酚能取代傳統容易刺激肌膚的視黃醇,有效促進膠原蛋白的增生過程,幫助皮膚細胞更生,從而使肌膚更柔軟光滑,更有極佳的緊提效果! 


This gorgeous plant-based rejuvenating and lifting serum with Bakuchiol- the natural alternative to retinol -stimulates collagen production and cellular renewal to give your skin smoother texture and a lifting effect. Baobab, rose and evening primrose oils and Acmella extract make a potent cocktail that helps combat all signs of aging to uncover renewed youthful looking skin. Great for all skin types.


  • 刺激膠原蛋白合成 Stimulates collagen synthesis
  • 有效減少細紋、皺紋 Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 抗老活肌,改善並提昇肌膚質感 Rejuvenates and improves skin texture
  • 100% 不含 100% free from:

    - 填充物 Fillers

    - 人造香精 Artificial Fragrances

    - 對羥基苯甲酸酯類 Parabens

    - 矽酮 Silicones

    - 聚乙二醇 PEG Derivates

    - 人造色素 Artificial Colorings

    - 基因改造 GMO

    - 動物測試 No Animal Testing

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