arbū Gentle Insect Repellent 有機香薰蚊怕水(溫和)

- 30ml

arbū 有機香薰蚊怕水 (溫和) 以有機薰衣草花水為基底,揉合尤加利、甜橙、薰衣草、雪松、茶樹、百里香及香茅等精油,有驅除蚊子、蜱蟲、跳蚤等各種昆蟲。溫和版氣味更清新怡人,可供 3 歲或以上小朋友使用,對人體、環境安全無害。

The spray was created for children over 3 years of age on the basis of organic lavender water and a complex of essential oils: eucalyptus, orange, lavender, ceadrwood, tea tree, thyme, lemongrass. They effectively repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other insects. Safe for health and nature. Suitable for everyday use. 

  • - Made in Bulgaria 保加利亞製造

    100% 不含 100% free from:

    - 填充物 Fillers

    - 人造香精 Artificial Fragrances

    - 對羥基苯甲酸酯類 Parabens

    - 矽酮 Silicones

    - 聚乙二醇 PEG Derivates

    - 人造色素 Artificial Colorings

    - 基因改造 GMO

    - 動物測試 No Animal Testing

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