Agent Nateur HOLI (CRÈME) Filter Face Crème 青瓜蜂蜜濾鏡面霜

- 50ml

不用化妝也可打造無瑕濾鏡肌!革新、奢華、活肌,Agent Nateur holi (crème) 青瓜蜂蜜濾鏡面霜採用了六種專利活性,配合青瓜精華、麥盧卡蜂蜜、火龍果及雛菊萃取等天然成份,質感絲滑輕盈,有效補水賦活肌膚,抹走多餘油光,改善皮膚紋理,讓肌膚𣊬間像用上濾鏡般變得細緻柔軟。

濾鏡面霜的溫和配方適合任何肌膚使用。青瓜精華有效鎮靜紓緩,麥盧卡蜂蜜具消炎抗菌功效,由蕃茄提取的 Solanum Lycopersicum 和 法國複合專利 Calcium Ketogluconate 分別有提亮抗氧及緊緻提拉的作用。無論敏感肌、暗瘡肌或是初老肌,holi (crème) 亦能不分晝夜滋養你的肌膚,重拾健康年輕的肌膚輪廓。

The much-requested transformative holi (crème) filter face cream has finally arrived and this super-luxurious moisturizing product has been created to instantly breathe life into any type of skin, even the most sensitive or acne-prone. Powered by six revolutionary trademarked active ingredients, this formulation is powerful yet calming. 

Delivering a fresh, light, matte-like finish with a boost of instant hydration and health, this is the ultimate surface hydration for a visibly softer and smoother appearance without the shine, without the grease, and without the oils.

  • 清潔後,取 3 - 5 泵直接塗抹於面部、頸部及鎖骨。避開眼部位置。配合 holi (trinity) 聖三角組合使用更佳。

    Jena 最愛用法:每天早上把 holi (crème) 青瓜蜂蜜濾鏡面霜及holi (trinity) 聖三角組合於掌心混合作為妝前打底!

    apply 3-5 pumps to cleansed face, neck and décolleté. avoid eyes, directly with the holi (trinity) or after.

    jena’s notes – I love to mix holi (crème) in the palm of my hand with the holi (trinity) and then I apply to my face every morning. It is the perfect makeup primer!

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