Agent Nateur HOLI (LOCKS) Strengthening, Detangling, Anti-hair Fall Serum 無矽豐盈養髮精華

每個人都希望擁有一把強韌健康的秀髮,而這支豐盈養髮精華,就是長出濃密頭髮的關鍵,一次過把受損開叉、頭皮老化、斷裂脫髮等等擾人問題一一 detangle!

Long, strong and healthy hair is on everyone’s bucket list but for those whose mane needs a strong helping hand, our high potency, overnight topical strengthening hair serum is the answer.

採用四種經過科學驗證的活性成分,加上一系列防止脫髮、改善光澤的複合成分,holi (locks) 無矽豐盈養髮精華經臨床研究證實能刺激毛囊髮根,促進頭髮整體健康。連續使用 12 星期,頭髮將會變得更濃密豐盈,充滿彈性且不易脫落。

Backed by advanced hair science and clinical studies, four scientifically proven active ingredients, an array of anti-hair fall, shine-inducing compounds and more, holi (locks) stimulates and encourages healthier looking hair. When applied topically for at least 12 weeks, our overnight strengthening serum helps your hair to appear denser, thicker and fuller, all without the use of harsh silicones.

holi (locks) 無矽豐盈養髮精華並不是日常護髮油,在頭髮上塗抹並靜候 8 - 12 小時再洗走,它能深入滋潤髮芯根部,解開打結亂翹的頭髮,配合 hair (silk) 百香絲肽護髮油使用,讓髮絲回復非一般的絲滑觸感。

holi (locks) is a treatment oil and is NOT a styling oil. This means that it is to be left in hair for a minimum of 8-12 hours and then you wash, style and finish with hair (silk) peptides. It will detangle and make your hair incredibly silky smooth!

hair (locks) 無矽豐盈養髮精華能幫助髮絲保持最佳狀態,解決以下問題:

holi (locks) will unlock the maximum potential of your hair and help with the following concerns: 

  • 稀薄脆弱頭髮 thin / weak hair
  • 暗啞受損髮質 dull, damaged hair
  • 缺乏豐盈感 lack of volume
  • 頭髮開叉 split ends
  • 乾旱頭髮及頭皮 dry hair and scalp
  • 頭髮斷裂 hair breakage
  • *非基因改造及無麩質 non-gmo and gluten-free

    *不含石化成分 petrochemical-free

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