UMA Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser 極緻光芒玫瑰潔面粉

- 118ml

UMA 極緻光芒玫瑰潔面粉將會顛覆你對香料的概念!UMA團隊以百年印度傳統醫學為依據,創造出每天都能夠使用的潔面磨砂粉。由豆蔻、橙皮、薄荷作主導,配合洋甘菊及朱槿等乾花,最後加上珍貴的乾玫瑰花花瓣作點綴,極緻光芒玫瑰潔面粉能深層清潔毛孔,溫和地磨走死皮同時提亮膚色,是獨特而奢華的潔面體驗!

Think the biggest benefits of the Spice Route were for your kitchen? Think again. UMA’s centuries-old, prized Ayurvedic cleansing recipe harnesses the unique benefits of spices such as nutmeg, orange peel, and peppermint to create a delightful experience that delivers a deep clean and brightens with every use. Dried flower extracts of marigold, chamomile, and hibiscus elevate the nutritional benefits of the blend, hydrating and restoring skin’s youthful glow. Precious rose petal powder rounds out this exquisite cleanser – delivering beauty, with a touch of royal luxury. 

  • 1/ 先將面部完全沾濕

    Wet face thoroughly

    2/ 將大約一茶匙潔面粉倒在手中然後加上一茶匙清水 (或使用 UMA 極緻光芒玫瑰爽膚水) 混和成膏或糊狀

    Pour cleansing powder onto your palm (about a teaspoon per use) and add 1 teaspoon of water (or UMA Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner) to make a paste

    3/ 將已混和的潔面粉打圈在面上按摩

    Apply to face in gentle circular motions

    4/ 以溫水洗淨

    Remove with lukewarm water

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