UMA Santal Silk Body Oil 檀木絲緞身體油

- 100ml

Sandalwood, once a common sight at social and religious rituals in India, Egypt and Rome, became so highly valued that it was regulated by the Indian government so that only certain farms, like the UMA estate, can grow it. Botanicals like lavender and clary sage have also been prized since ancient times across cultures, so much so that they are now calming mainstays of modern aromatherapy. The roots of these ingredients run deep, revered not only for their youth-bringing benefits to the skin but also for their ability to ground and relax, empowering us to truly understand this ancient wisdom: that true life is lived by locating calm amidst the chaos of dailiness. The oil absorbs into the skin almost instantly, and hydrates the skin without leaving behind any oily residue It energizes and revitalizes the skin. This multipurpose blend is ideal for all skin types – and not only delivers radiant skin, but also a uniquely sensory aromatherapy experience.

  • 將大量 UMA Santal Silk Body Oil 塗抹於身體和手部,循環按摩運動直至吸收。為達致最佳效果,請在沐浴後直接抹在濕潤的皮膚上,可每天使用。

    Apply a generous amount onto body and hands, massaging with circular movements until absorbed. For best results, apply after bath or shower to damp skin. Use daily.

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