UMA Pure Calm Wellness Oil 純靜心靈香薰油

- 30ml

都市人神經緊張,生活壓力大已不是新鮮的事,UMA 純靜心靈香薰油以月見草作基底,結合羅馬洋甘菊、

This blend naturally alleviates feelings of stress by promoting tranquility from within. Roman chamomile essential oil calms tension while grounding vetiver essential oil centers the wearer. This formula is punctuated with beautifully scented lavender essential oil, for enhanced feelings of relaxation and calm—and is especially beneficial at the end of a busy day.

  • 1/ 取 4-5 滴份量,在腳趾間、腳底、脈搏、太陽穴及耳後部位輕輕按摩。

    Massage 4-5 drops of Pure Calm Wellness Oil between your toes, onto the bottom of your feet, pulse points, temples, behind the ears, or all of the above for the ultimate experience.

    2/ 從手中深呼吸一口氣,享受芳香體驗。同時可配合香薰器使用,或添加到浴缸浸浴時使用。

    Take a deep inhale from your hands to enjoy the aromatic experience. Works wonderfully with aromatherapy diffusers, or added to bath water.

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