Siam S.E.A.S The Skin Revolution Mask 光復革命全效面膜


- 100g

經重新改良配方的Skin Revolution是一款排毒面膜,除了幫助淨化肌膚之外,亦具「重設」面部的功能,改善皮膚暗沉、炎症以及鬆弛的問題,讓膚色變得白皙透亮。這個新配方將特別香料、生物藥草和大米酵素混合,能幫助深層潔淨肌膚。它能夠去除角質、解決毛孔的炎症和毒素外,亦能激活皮膚幹細胞,促進血液循環和營養吸收。此外,這個面膜還可以激活臉部的膠原蛋白,改善皮膚質地並大大減少毛孔問題,從而讓您的肌膚變成真正的「光滑肌」。面膜當中注入了不少富異國情調的香味,如:茉莉、依蘭、玫瑰、胡蘿蔔籽、橙花油和香草精油等等,讓您在工作時亦能感受這芳香療法,使您的頭腦平靜,同時深層保護及滋潤皮膚。

The newly reformulated Skin Revolution is a detoxifying mask formulated to have a clarifying effect on your skin. It is a resurfacing facial treatment formulated to transform dull, congested and sluggish skin to a clear and illuminated complexion. Synergistically blended with extraordinary spices, biodynamic herbs and rice enzymes to deeply cleanse skin, The Skin Revolution removes debris, releases congestion within pores and stimulates cells for better circulation to help with nutrient absorption. Additionally, it activates natural collagen production, which improves skin texture and tones the skin to reduce the appearance of pores. 

  • 1/ 將一茶匙的面膜粉放在手心或碗子中,然後加上三茶匙的暖/熱水與面膜混合,並靜待幾秒鐘以激活當中的成份,直至呈現輕糊狀。就像泡茶一樣,當面膜與水接觸時便會激活當中的成份。

    Take a teaspoon of The Skin Revolution Mask into the palm of your hand or treatment bowl. Add three teaspoons of very warm water. Mix well and let it sit for a few seconds allowing the formula to activate and become a light paste. Similar to when you steep a fresh cup of tea, the ingredients in this mask are activated when they come in contact with water.

    2/ 將混合好的面膜塗抹在您的臉部和頸部位置。 當面膜開始乾透,可嘗試用水或爽膚水噴濕面膜,令皮膚更有效地吸收營養。再用清水沖洗乾淨臉部,然後再使用“ Yen Heal&Hydrate Toner”。它的超強效配方,能針對每種皮膚類型進行調節,從而改善肌膚問題並達到最強修復效果。這個面膜能徹底清潔毛孔和排毒,並同時收緊毛孔。以下是一些針對極度敏感、乾燥皮膚以及油性/嚴重暗瘡肌膚的面膜教學。

    Apply the mixture generously to your face and décolleté area. When the mask starts to dry, lightly mist your skin with water or toner to allow for maximum nutrient absorption. Rinse off with water and follow with Yen Heal & Hydrate Toner. The Skin Revolution Mask is a very potent formula, customizable for every skin type to help achieve the best results. This mask was designed to completely cleanse and detoxify pores, leaving your pores tighter and less prominent. For those with extremely sensitive and dry skin, see how you can enhance the mask to cater to your skin needs below.


    這個面膜也能夠幫助乾性及敏感肌。將面膜如上述方法混合,靜待以後,加上10至20滴的「暮光黃金精華」(Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum) 和一茶匙的蜂蜜,並將它們拌勻。洗淨面膜過後,再塗上暮光黃金精華加以保濕。

    For Dry and Sensitive Skin: Those with dry and sensitive skin can still greatly benefit from the mask. Mix the mask as suggested above. Once cooled, add 10-20 droplets of the new Twilight BeCalm Serum and 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix well. After rinsing off the mask, apply Twilight for additional hydration.




    For Oily and Acne Prone Skin: This mask was designed with you in mind. Mix the mask as suggested above. If you would like to add additional brightening benefits include: a 1/2 teaspoon of fresh pressed carrot juice, a 1/2 teaspoon of papaya puree, a 1/2 teaspoon of honey and 5 droplets of Twilight BeCalm Serum. Mix well.

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