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對於喜愛好動的您,Soleil的運動防曬噴霧絕對能夠令您安心享受所有戶外活動!含70%以上有機成份和80分鐘的防水防汗功能,配合霧化噴頭讓您能輕鬆掌握使用足夠份量。與SOLEIL TOUJOURS所有產品一樣,此防曬噴霧不會危害珊瑚礁,而且是廣譜UVA / UVB保護,配方更包含EcoSunComplex®專利,當中綠茶萃取和和透明質酸可幫助鎮定和滋潤您的皮膚。在強烈紫外線照射下,完美保護臉部和頭皮。我們熱愛陽光,但我們站在您皮膚的一邊!

For the active lifestyle, our 70%+ organic sport-strength formula stands up to all your outdoor activities. This formula is 80 minutes water and sweat-resistant and the micro-mist format provides a lightweight and easy application.  As with all our products, it is coral reef safe and will protect your skin with powerful broad-spectrum UVA/UVB filters. We've also packed this formula with our EcoSun Complex®, green tea leaf extract and hyaluronic acid to help calm and hydrate your skin.  This is the perfect solution to protect your face and scalp during extreme UV exposure.  We love the sun, but we're on your skin's side!

  • 70%以上有機配方 
    70%+ organic formula
  • 80分鐘防水防汗
    Water and sweat resistant (80 minutes)
  • EcoSunComplex®專利 - 含紅海藻、沒藥醇、維他命CE,有助於減少紫外線帶來的傷害,清除自由基,滋養和緊致肌膚
    EcoSun Complex® - red algae, bisabolol, vitamin C & E help reduce UV damage, scavenge free radicals, nourish and firm skin
  • 綠茶萃取 - 中和自由基,並有助防止因紫外線引起的免疫抑制和致癌性皮膚受損
    Green tea leaf extract - neutralizes free radicals and demonstrates an ability to help guard against UV-induced
    immunosuppression and cancer-causing skin damage
  • 不含二苯甲酮和辛氧酸酯 - 研究顯示此兩種成份可導致生物或細胞水平變化及內分泌失調
    NO oxybenzone or octinoxate - shown to cause biochemical or cellular level changes & endocrine disruption
  • 低致敏度、無麩、無動物實驗、全素、不會危害珊瑚礁 Hypoallergenic,
    gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan, coral reef safe
  • 100%天然香料
    100% Natural fragrance


  • 1/ 搖勻後,完全緊閉眼睛,於離面部10-12英寸的距離下均勻地噴於臉上。期間不要吸入,待乾即可,不用拍乾。


    2/ 游泳或出汗80分鐘後,或使用毛巾擦乾後請立即再次使用。


    1/ SHAKE WELL. Close eyes completely, then mist on face evenly, holding bottle 10-12 inches away from face. Do not breathe mist in. Wait until dry.

    Apply liberally 20 minutes before sun exposure.

    2/ After 80 minutes of swimming or sweating and immediately after towel drying.

    At least every 2 hours.

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