Redmint 5 Elements Ageless Facial Oil 五行逆齡滋潤護膚油

- 50ml 


  • 蘊含當歸、黃芪、白朮等超過十五種中草藥及維他命精油,充分提取植物的生命能量,促進皮膚更生過程。

  • 活氣:加速皮膚血液循環,提昇肌膚免疫力及新陳代謝。

  • 滋陰:深層滋潤肌膚,令面部肌膚緊緻有彈性,更加入珍珠末以提亮膚色,改善色斑及色素沉澱。

    5 Element 五行系列產品均經過採集、人工磨碎、浸泡、蒸煮、浸漬及冷濾等精細而創新的處理過程,以確保配方中使用的草藥能得到融合調和,達致滋陰、提氣和生陽的功效。

  • Ancient TCM wisdom melds with modern innovation in our signature anti-aging face oil to moisturize dry skin, restore firmness, and help reduce discoloration for a brighter, healthy-looking complexion.

    • Formulated with 15+ yin nourishing, Qi uplifting and Yang rising herbs and vitamin-rich oils selected for their nutrient density and TCM medicinal properties for a regenerative approach to skin health. 
    • Sourced the vital energy within all plant life for this potent herbal skincare formulation

    The sophisticated and refined process of creating the 5 Element collection involves an innovative process of harvesting, hand-crushing, soaking, steaming, macerating, and cold-straining of plants to attain the purest efficacy. At the heart of each formula is a powerful blend of herbs that are Yin nourishing, Qi uplifting and Yang regenerating

    • - 加州製造 made in California

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