Redmint 5 Elements Ageless Facial Mist 五行逆齡保濕噴霧

- 100 ml 


  • 採集當歸、人蔘等超過十多種用料上乘的中醫草藥及舒緩精油,揉合各種養生功效。

  • 以薰衣草花水、玫瑰花水 、蘆薈和蘋果醋作為基底,保濕同時具有殺菌抗炎特性,有助皮膚更生。

  • 結合最佳中醫草藥學及匈牙利女王美顏水草本配方,相傳美顏水使女王使她 70歲之齡得到25歲立陶宛大公的求婚,可證配方抗老的功效。

  • 5 Element 五行系列產品均經過採集、人工磨碎、浸泡、蒸煮、浸漬及冷濾等精細而創新的處理過程,以確保配方中使用的草藥能得到融合調和,達致滋陰、提氣和生陽的功效。

    Ancient TCM wisdom melds with modern innovation in our signature facial mist to hydrate, refresh, and help improve absorption of facial creams and oils leading to a radiant and healthy-looking skin.

    • Infused with 10+ powerhouse herbs and soothing essential oils, selected for their medicinal properties.
    • Combine the best of TCM herbology and the Queen of Hungary water beauty recipe.  Legend states that this facial mist was so effective at reversing the old queen’s appearance that 25-year-old Grand Duke of Lithuania asked for her hand in marriage when she was 70.

    The sophisticated and refined process of creating the 5 Element collection involves an innovative process of harvesting, hand-crushing, soaking, steaming, macerating, and cold-straining of plants to attain the purest efficacy. At the heart of each formula is a powerful blend of herbs that are Yin nourishing, Qi uplifting and Yang regenerating

    • 早晚潔面後噴於面部,可隨時使用即時爽膚保濕。

      Spray on clean face at night and early morning as needed.

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