Ranavat Botanics Royal Tonique - Jasmine Hydrating Mist 皇室茉莉花爽膚水

- 50ml



This super drenching hydrosol is crafted from certified organic and steam-distilled Indian jasmine flowers to soak your skin in a monsoon of moisture. The gentle sweet scent calms the nerves and lifts our spirits for a healthy complexion and a royally-relaxed mind and body. Works as a toner, masque activator or a moisture-rich hydrator for whenever your skin needs a drink.
  • 1/ 在早晚潔膚後,用化妝棉塗抹 Jasmine Tonique 抹在臉上,以促進膚色更均衡。
    Apply your tonique with a cotton pad after.

    2/ 您可以當作全天的噴霧或補水,並將其與Ranavat Botanics的皇家面膜系列配對,進行最終的保濕療法。
    Cleansing your skin in the morning and evening to promote a more balanced complexion. You can mist throughout the day for a burst of hydration, and pair it with our Kiss of Royal Team masque for the ultimate hydration therapy.

    3/ 混合搭配我們的任何面膜,結合不同的特性,增強美化效果。
    Mix and match any of our masques to combine different properties and enhance the beautifying impact.

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