Ranavat Botanics Illuminating Tea 皇家玫瑰大吉嶺花茶

這精心炮製的有機大吉嶺茶被譽為茶界的香檳。每一口紅茶,都混合了玫瑰花和金盞花花瓣,能賦予您由內發出的耀眼光芒。茶葉充滿多種不同的活性混合物,有顯著的健康療效,例如當中的抗氧化物能減慢衰老。內含10包獨立三角形茶包 - 茶包是以能完全被分解的大豆物質製造,沒有任何化學殘留物外,更能用作堆肥。

This carefully-crafted Organic Darjeeling tea is popularly referred to as the Champagne of teas- and for good reason.  Each sip of this refined black tea, infused with rose and calendula petals, will impart a luminous glow from the inside out. The leaves are rich in many different bioactive compounds, including several that may have significant health benefits: Antioxidants for graceful aging and various health benefits. Contains 10 individual triangle sachets - our sachets are made of soilon- a soy product which is fully biodegradable, leaves no chemical traces and is compostable as well.


大吉嶺茶 Darjeeling Tea*
玫瑰花瓣 Rose Petals*
金盞花花瓣 Caledula Petals*
天然玫瑰調味 Natural Rose Flavor*
*有機驗證 Certified Organic

To extract the most balanced flavor, steep the sachet in water just below the boiling point for 3-5 minutes.

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