Pai BRITISH SUMMER TIME Zinc & Cotton Extract SPF 30 Sensitive Sunscreen 草棉抗敏防曬霜 SPF30

- 40ml

敏感肌膚和防曬產品未必能夠經常吻合,而事實上有一半 Pai 護膚品客人都聲稱曾對坊間的防曬產品敏感,因此他們都極力要求我們推出值得信賴的防曬產品。就像一個夢幻組合,天然礦物氧化鋅能抵抗 UVA 和 UVB,而草棉萃取能幫助修復受 UVA、UVB 及紅外線等傷害的肌膚。我們採用不刺激、不油膩配方,保證使用後清爽一整天!使用防曬除了能夠防止曬傷,長遠而言更能抗衰老、預防皮膚癌。不要以為有陽光的時候才需要使用防曬,因為皮膚都會被藍光、紅外線傷害。

Like a dream team, natural mineral filter Zinc Oxide protects against UVA and UVB (aka broad spectrum photo-protection), while Cotton Extract helps skin repair from the damage caused by UVB, UVA, Infra-Red and Visible radiation. Our formula is non-greasy and non-irritating. Plus it leaves a completely transparent finish. Not just for sunny days, SPF protects skin year round from UVA and UBV rays as well as against oxidative damage caused by blue light and infra-red radiation.

  • 1/ 每朝在用完保濕產品後,塗上約兩顆手指頭的份量於臉上Apply two fingertip sized amounts of Hello Sunshine SPF each morning after your preferred moisturiser.

    2/ 確保在塗上防曬後才化妝。快速吸收、不油膩的配方能省卻您等待的時間
    Make sure to apply makeup after your SPF. It is fast-absorbing and non-greasy so you won't need to wait around for long.

    3/ 於接觸陽光前30分鐘塗上,有需要時補塗
    Apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply throughout the day as needed.

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