ONE SEED Eau de Parfum 天然有機香水 - Symphony

- 30ml

SYMPHONY 以茉莉花及大地香氣令您猶如迷失於雨後森林,看著陽光柔和地灑在佈滿落葉的土地,配合清新的空氣,魔幻而溫暖的氣息為所有人帶來希望,期望著即將來臨的美好事情。

Jasmine weaves itself in and out playfully teasing the senses, underpinned by notes of the forest floor, while the scent of soft spices linger overhead. Cool air, damp forest floor, thin beams of sunlight stream through the leaves, dappling the earth in speckled gold. The air is light and full of life. I am open-hearted with eyes wide open, ready to embrace the magic that might just be up ahead.

  • 1/ 直接噴在衣物上或頸、手背位置

    Spray on wrists, neck and any desirable places

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